Monday 17th December 2018,
Room In Our Hearts


Although Hurricane Sandy is NOT our only project, it is currently our priority. Room In Our Hearts was called to action shortly after the “rebuilding” phase began. While a lot of people who lost their homes have already started reconstruction, they are left with the overwhelming job of refurnishing it. Most do not have the necessary funds to do so.

At Room In Our Hearts, we take the talents and vision of our volunteers and turn donated furnishings and décor into unique and special items for families whose homes have been compromised. Our passion to recycle and reuse things fuels our creative juices. We are very serious about reducing our carbon footprint and not adding to the ever growing landfills. Thinking and designing outside the box is our specialty. Making families feel hope again is our goal. Presenting a family with a room that was specially designed for them is the ultimate payoff for both of us.

After news reports of the devastation that was caused by Sandy in Union Beach, NJ it seemed logical to offer assistance in that community. Union Beach NJ has over 2143 households and over 85% of those households submitted claims of home damage or total destruction by December 2012. We have long term plans to help this town while still helping others in need outside the “Sandy Destruction Area” . As we all know, an unforeseen crisis can happen at any time and Room In Our Hearts’ mission is to assist those in need.

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