Sunday 20th January 2019,
Room In Our Hearts


child sized piano
Allison #vanRiemsdyk / master cleaner

The family room needed to be cozy but also fit a large family with five boys.

Living Room Couch with double recliners.

Beautiful double reclining couch is both functional and comfortable. It blends well with the leather love seat and patterned rug.

Another family moved back into their home in Union Beach, after living in a RV (yup - that's correct) on their front lawn for almost 2 years. This meant that five boys, Mom, Dad and their dog and cat could finally have some space of their own that wasn't attached to four wheels.

RIOH brought in a new couch from Value City Outlet that had two recliners built in, leather loveseat and chair that were gently used, a patterned rug from Home
Depot and assorted accessories. But the highlight of the room was the end table that was placed next to the leather chair. It was the 9 year old boy's child piano. It worked perfectly as an end table and still allows him to use it to play music. I WANT ONE!!

Piano end table.

The child sized piano doubles as an end table.

Since kitchen space was tight, we brought in two beautifully detailed shelves to be used for storage and groceries. If you look closely at the bottom of the 2 units, you will see that there is a curtain rod hung. Please check back after we hang a cafe curtain to hide all the groceries that is required for this large family. It is being custom made.

Shelves and Pantry


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