Wednesday 14th November 2018,
Room In Our Hearts

Cozy Living Room Makeover



Cozy and comfortable seating for reading. A mixture of recycled donated pieces of furniture combined with a new chair and loveseat from VALUE CITY OUTLET.





Book shelf and beachy accessories combined with a classic writing desk for the computer. Sisal look rug from CARPET VALUE OUTLET.

The comment made by homeowner was "We don't know what to do with this room . . . no one does."

RIOH was presented with the obstacles: small square room, no windows, front door of house was centered on one wall, perplexed homeowner.

The positives points were:  natural lighting that flowed in from the front door sidelights, overflow light from adjoining kitchen, ceiling that was pitched and was over 10' high, perplexed homeowner.


Small space with a adorable small chair from VALUE CITY OUTLET.

Working with the positives and this couples' idea to have an adult space where they could read or work on their computer inspired RIOH's team to keep it simple and functional. Since their four young children had their own playroom and there was a separate family room, the design was simple. We provided comfortable seating to read, a desk for the computer, accents of the beach and a house rule that stated: Adults Only! The end result was cozy.


Paige Koehler and Caitlin Morris provided their time to help carry in furniture and upcycle some donated items.

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