Sunday 20th January 2019,
Room In Our Hearts

Don’t Match but Blend Your Colors for the Perfect Room Makeover!

Everyone has decorated a room with a color that was outside their comfort zone. (Remember when your son wanted to paint his room black?) Color can either be your friend or your enemy, the choice is yours.

Recently, Room In Our Hearts was asked to decorate a master bedroom and the walls were painted raspberry. A challenging color for a master bedroom but the single mom was quite set on it since that was the color of the room before  Sandy ruined her home. With unbridled excitement we took on the color and set to work on room design.

Sometimes all you need to do is revert back to "image or word association". No we are not professional psychiatrists but it clears your mind and gives a starting point for creativity. The word or image that came to mind for us was sherbert! The vision of mixing raspberry and orange sherbet was our starting point. A beautiful bedroom chair was donated and there began our makeover. As shown in the picture, the material on the chair was made up of three colors; deep red, moss green and peach. Although the chair was not a perfect match it was a perfect blend. Blending colors is so important when putting together an interesting room. Most think that you have to match colors exactly. Of course that does work but adding interest and spark comes with blending.CHAIR 01  CHAIR FABRIC

Luckily for the homeowner, she was able to salvage a couple of things that she loved. A old dress form, some vintage pictures and a couple of mirrors. MIRRORS All were incorporated into the final design of her room. The mirrors were both different but paired together beautifully when painted. One was creamsicle and the other soft green. Hung over the dresser with square plates in between them created a beautiful alternative to the typical dresser mirror. An old lamp/table was rewired and repainted creamsicle and gave the room a piece that was both unique and practical. (All designers involved tried to claim that beauty for themselves but gave up the fight when we saw how it fit perfect in this room.)

Since the room was small and the bed was the main focus when you entered, dressing it in upbeat colors was what pulled the whole room together. A creamy peach coverlet, linen buffalo plaid pillows with all shades of raspberry and peach and a bed scarf at the end with similar contrasting colors made it all work. The end result was a room that worked with a mix of old and new things and more importantly colors that blended together to create a polished look for the well deserving recipient.  FULL ROOM VIEW

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