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painted chair

This 80's style blue velvet chair was rescued from the garbage.

painted chair

The painted version looks like faux leather

Guess what? Once again we rescued a perfectly good chair from the curb. It was just sitting there in all its faded glory asking us to give it a second chance, so that's what we did!

Board Member Betsy Ingram is no stranger to up-cycling and has mad skills in sewing, painting, upholstering  . . . heck, she even has her own power tools. Betsy is one determined woman when she wants a project done. Because she had limited time, she solicited the help of Executive Director Katharine Koehler in resurrecting this chair. It was blue velvet that was very popular in the 80's. It was decided that it should be painted with chalk paint (they used #AnnieSloan) and made to look like distressed animal hide. The painted texture lent itself to this look.

The first step was to completely wet the chair. They found that using an old washcloth soaked with water worked best. Before it dried the first coat

First coat painted

First coat of rust latex paint with fabric medium added

of paint was applied in a rust color (not chalk paint but a flat latex mixed with fabric medium. They purchased

Executive Director Katharine Koehler

A good brush and a full length apron is all Katharine needs to complete this project


Rust paint with added fabric medium is done. Now it is left to dry.

#MarthaStewart brand at #Michaels.) It was the first time either of them had ever painted velvet and it really sucked up the paint. Due to the texture and nap of the fabric it took another two coats of #AnnieSloanCoco to cover the chair completely. It was a gorgeous dry day so it was set out in the sun to completely dry.

Board Member Betsy Ingram

Board Member Betsy Ingram applies first coat of chalk paint

Sanding the chair in a medium grit paper really softened the fabric and let some of the rust color show through. Next a coat of dark wax was applied to create the uneven tones of an animal hide. Wax was applied with a brush because it was easy to work into the textured fabric. Again, it was left to dry completely and then a brush was used to soften the wax. Softening it with a brush evened out anything that was missed the first time around. The end result was fabulous. It looks like faux leather or animal hide. This chair looks better the second time around!

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