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Shelves created from two wooden ladders

Sometimes you have no other options than to use one space for two different purposes.


Attic Room

Two of the walls slanted in.

Straight wall to put the bed against.

Only two of the walls in this attic room did not eave in.

Attic room

The other wall that did not tilt in was split with a door and a bump out from the bathroom in the hallway.











In the case of this attic room, Hurricane Sandy mother of two small boys wanted a playroom but also needed a guest room. After 17 months and 2 weeks in a small rental a couple of miles away, this growing family of four was more than ready to embrace their new home but needed to make it as functional as possible. The extra little attic room needed to be used to its fullest potential. The great news was it had lots of natural light beaming in from four windows, the bad news was that only two walls did not eave in. Although eaves can add charm to a room, they also make it harder to decorate since there are not many options to hang things and a lot of space can be wasted because of the slanted walls.

RIOH Project Manager Ellen Deluccia solved the design of this room in a quick second. Soliciting the help of her husband Bill, who is super handy with most tools and her two teenage daughters, Kyra and Erin, this team set out to solve the problems of this attic room. It was decided that a trundle bed would allow the family the flexibility of sleeping more than one guest and provide a area to sit comfortably. After rescuing the coffee table/bench from the trash and adding new bins,  it could serve as storage and a place to put things on when lounging. The main problem that the homeowner mom requested was a place to house all the toys, games, school projects and books that come  along with two young boys under the ages of 7 years old. The team decided that coordinating bins and shelving was going to be the best option for organization. With the purchase of two wooden ladders from ACE hardware and laminated shelves from the Home Depot a unique and functional unit was designed that worked well with the slanted walls. With an eye toward the boys growing interests, a small game table was placed under one of the windows. Every inch of the room was used without making it feel crammed.

Trundle bed under the two windows.

The best place for the trundle bed was on the main wall that did not tilt in.

Shelves created from two wooden ladders

Using two wooden ladders and laminate shelves with coordinating bins worked well with the attic walls.

With just a little planning and a lot of ingenuity, a small attic room was transformed into a charming guest/playroom.  The moral of this redesign is don't be afraid of a space that has unusual lines, think outside the box and work with them.

Games table in attic room.

A small table was placed under the window to use for games and schoolwork.

Small bookcase and chair create a reading nook.

Placing the child's folding chair near the bookcase makes an easy reading nook for kids.

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