Sunday 20th January 2019,
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“Maxx” Man’s Best Friend Finally Sleeps in His Own Bed

Dog bed

When Joe Fayertag lost his home in Union Beach to Hurricane Sandy, he slept wherever he could at night-including his car. His faithful friend and companion was his dog Maxx, who was temporarily adopted by a buddy. Weeks later while they were still living apart, Joe got a call in the middle of the night telling him that Maxx was gravely ill and needed emergency care. Mr. Fayertag used every penny of his existing funds to care for his dog who thankfully recovered, but this tragically meant that they were that much further from rebuilding their home.

Joe and Maxx's luck changed when they were chosen to be one of the recipients of a modular homes from a group called Rebuilding Union Beach. His new home was recently completed and furnished by the "High Sox" program. Scott Lauer from Robin Hood Foundation and Rebuildling Union Beach asked Room In Our Hearts to step in and add the finishing touches. Joe's pride of ownership was evident when we visited and saw how immaculately kept the house was. He described the space as lacking style and decor making it feeling like a blank slate.

With a crew of volunteers and Maxx as our chaperone, Joe left for a few hours as RIOH "jazzed" up the place. Keeping in mind his interest in books, puzzles, music and most of all, Maxx, we provided elements that were specifically for them. As Joe said, "They transformed my house into a beautiful stunning home."

It wasn't surprising when we asked him what his favorite detail was and he responded, " . . . Maxx's bed - looks like a couch and he loves it!"

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