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Meet Tyler

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Five year old Tyler was born prematurely and with a heart condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia. SVT causes the heart to beat abnormally fast. When Tyler was born his little heart was beating two times faster than normal and it had to be slowed down with drugs for the first year of his life. That worked and he led a normal active life until he was 5 years old or . . . 5 days after Hurricane Sandy.



The trauma of his family losing their house, furnishings, possessions and toys caused stress to his heart and SVT reared its ugly head again. He was rushed to the ER where he was stabilized and released. The next stop was to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philaphelphia) pediatric cardiology unit located in St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick. His family dropped all efforts of rebuilding their home and rallied around Tyler, not their lovely home that was wrecked by Sandy. Equipped with medication that he will be on indefinitely, he shows no physical signs of his heart condition. His emotional well-being is going to take a little longer to fix. His mom Kathryn says that he still feels anxiety whenever the weather turns bad. He worries that a storm will once again ruin the house that they are still rebuilding.Room In Our Hearts is so happy to be able to help this wonderful family. Tyler's parents, Kathryn and Jay, and his older brother and sister have been doing most of the work themselves. Kathryn stays with her sister up north so Tyler can have stable living conditions while Jay remains at the house to keep the rebuilding process moving along. We have posted pictures of their progress, with Tyler helping where he can. They even celebrated Christmas in among the raw studs of their home so Tyler could feel like things were normal again. He repeatedly asked his parents how Santa would find them and was relieved to find a Christmas tree with presents in his living room.

Tyler and his Dad Jay are working on the area under the stairs.

Tyler and his Dad Jay are working on the area under the stairs.

Room In Our Hearts will be redecorating their living room. Please check back at the end of March to see the complete redo of this room with a special area just for Tyler. It is going to be just what they need to reunite as a family again and feel a sense of peace. We are so honored to be helping them.


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