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Not sure about you but I used to walk right by most pieces of furniture that resembled mid-century design. Now I can't get enough of it. The simplicity of its design lends itself to endless painting possibilities and usually the hardware is unique.

I almost passed up this bond mid century modern beauty.

I almost passed up this bond mid century modern beauty.


The pulls and the feet on the dresser were so unique.

The pulls and the feet on the dresser were so unique.

Recently I came across a dresser that shouted out for a update. Typical of its time period the wood was  once considered  #blond but I reinvented  it as a dark #brunetteombre. The idea to ombre it came after a group of us from Room In Our Hearts took a fantastic #AnnieSloanChalkPaint class. We had a great teacher, Patty Seaman from Little Silver NJ, who patiently taught us various techniques and tricks to mastering chalk paint. She guided us through many different furniture scenarios in our first class and we all walked away inspired. (We will definitely being going back for more classes.) With supplies in hand, I was chomping at the bit to start.

The end result was so impressive.

The end result was so impressive.

Here are the things I purchased from

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Products

  • 1 quart Graphite and 1 quart French Linen
  • Clear Furniture Wax
  • Various size paint brushes (you can use your own but I like the way Annie's put the paint on)
  • Round wax brush (again not a must but it makes the job easier)
  • Hand-held brush (I love this brush.  It has an elastic strap that you put your hand under and it really takes the work out of buffing.)
  • Two Annie Sloan books for instructions and inspiration. (They are great to have on hand for reference.)

Please keep in mind that the directions below are simplified. (If you are a first timer, I recommend a chalk paint book or tutorial.)

Take all the hardware off the dresser and set aside.

Paint the outside casement of the dresser 2 coats of graphite. (As always, sand in-between coats with fine grit sandpaper.)

In a separate paint tub, mix 1 part Graphite and 1 part French Linen Chalk Paint. (This is approximate, I did play around a little with the color to make it what I wanted.) Paint the bottom drawers two coats, sanding in between.

Take the tub of paint from the bottom two drawers and add more French Linen to make the paint slightly lighter. Again apply two coats of paint, sanding in between.

Once again take the tub of paint from the middle drawers, add more French Linen to make even lighter. Use the same process, two coats of paint, sanding in between.

What does not show up in the pictures is how the grain from the wood comes through after sanding, giving it texture and making it look like gray driftwood. That was an unexpected surprise.

After it was completely dry, I applied two coats of clear wax and buffed, buffed, buffed!

Although Annie Sloan has beautiful products for metallic-effect, I already had one called Rub and Buff in silver, so I applied that to all the hardware and the feet on the dresser.

The completed piece came out better than I expected. Must admit that I am not a huge fan of the #OmbreHair phase but I will be repeating the #Ombrefurniture painting technique.


If you live near Little Silver NJ and are interested in taking a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class, Room In Our Hearts highly recommends it. Call Patty Seaman at 732-924-9520 or email at

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