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No Shame Garbage Picking

riohearts February 13, 2013 DIY No Comments on No Shame Garbage Picking

I am not ashamed to say it, "I garbage pick!" Not only that, but friends and family are jealous of the things I get. It's not just any old garbage, it's the stuff that careless people discard without realizing its potential.

One day while walking my dog I spotted a set of four table legs in the garbage with no table top to be seen. They were twisted beautifully like soft serve ice cream with that expensive finish that people pay top dollar for, worn off paint.

betty grable legs

"Hmmmmm", I thought. I just can't pass up these "Betty Grable" beauties. So I scooped them up and stuck them in my shed for later use. Some time later I bought a cute little piece of luggage at a garage sale for $3.00. The size and the color really appealed to me, even though I had no clear vision of what I would do with it.

side view suit case    suitcase

Now comes the inspiration part. I walked into a high end boutique that built small tables out of suitcases with prices ranging from $125 to $350. Bingo! My husband cut down the Betty Grable legs and attached them with screws to the suitcase. I placed it in my foyer and use it as a seasonal display area. Currently it is set up for the winter. A cherished cap from my father, vintage scarf, a snowman bucket with an    umbrella and a repurposed briefcase sets the stage for this charming piece.

suitcase table display

Motto: One man's garbage is another gal's treasure!




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