Sunday 20th January 2019,
Room In Our Hearts


Sister to sister
Sister to sister

These two young girls were thrilled with their new shared bedroom

Santoro Sisters

The "Santoro Sisters" generously created artwork to be hung

Two sets of sisters connected through Superstorm Sandy. The "Santoro Sisters" of Middletown helped RIOH decorate a room for two sisters that just moved into a permanent rental after their home was flooded by Sandy. Since the Santoro sisters were older, they donated lots of bedroom decor that they had outgrown. It was so wonderful to see these two thoughtful young ladies go beyond just donating, they also created personal artwork to be hung over the beds for each young girl. Using the first initial of each girl's name, the Santoro's personalized the room with a special piece of framed art that was individual and trendy.

Handmade artwork

Handmade artwork to hang over each bed made the room personalized

The new room was decorated to the dreams and vision of each girl. The older sister loved animal prints and black and white color scheme. The younger girl wanted a princess-type theme and loved her baby dolls. Getting both of these together in a very small room was a challenge for RIOH, but seeing those two beautiful girls after it was all done made it all worth the work. The special moment was hanging those two very special pieces of artwork designed by the Santoro Sisters so the young girls could now claim this new space and home as their very own. Most sisters have a special bond but this two sets of sisters made that bond go full circle!

disco ball

Two beds and a disco ball completed this adorable girls room

Twin Beds

Although the beds fit snug, each was designed with the style of each sister

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