Sunday 20th January 2019,
Room In Our Hearts


Ah yes! We all have a couple yards of fabric that we can't throw away but we don't know what to do with it either.

This was the case for ROOM IN OUR HEARTS when faced with a dining room makeover for a home in Union Beach, NJ and no funds to do it. As we looked through our bin of donated fabric, there wasn't enough yardage of one remnant to create a complete look. What there was,  however, was 3 yards each of two different beautiful Ralph Lauren fabrics. Even though the design was different, the colors and motif were very similar. After some creative brainstorming we decided to use them in the redesign of a dining room.


The room itself was very small with ceilings just under 7' tall and one small 37" window as theSMALL WINDOW BEFORE natural light source.   The room had low ceilings, one small window and the need to seat a family in style.

Luckily for the garbage picking skills of RIOH's Executive Director, Katharine Koehler and Theresa Carbone, VP of Business Development,  a perfect dining room set was found. The small and delicate french country-style set fit the bill perfectly. Not only was it in decent condition, but it came complete with three leaves and a set of custom table pads. (Don't be jealous of our mad skills, it has taken years of training.  It has been said that we can sniff out good garbage for miles, hence the perfect dining room set!)


The six chairs that came with the set had to be stripped down and reupholstered. The two armchairs seats were covered in the blue fabric and the  four armless chairs were done in the off white. We strategically placed the largest part of the design in the center of each seat. The result was clean and simple.

With the remaining fabric we went to work on the small window. Because both the window and the wall were not large (the wall was only 9 feet long and the 37 inch window was located exactly in the center), it was decided to add some elegance be making the window look larger. This was done by hanging two panels on the wall about 2' away from the molding of the window on each side at ceiling height and having them puddle onto the floor. A simple valance was made out of the alternating fabric and hung in between the panels. Long delicate sheers were added underneath so light could still filter through and hide the fact the panels were not really covering the actual window . The overall effect gave the room a more opulent feeling.cropped window treatment  An adorable table runner was made out of scrapes that pulled the whole two pattern design together.   FULL VIEW OF DR

So tell everyone that there really is a reason that you are saving all those fabric remnants. The reason is that somewhere out there is a coordinating mate,  just waiting to be paired with that long loved fabric.  The end result will create a thrifty but very, very custom look!



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